Civic Responsibilities

Civic Responsibility is defined as the responsibility of a citizen towards the betterment of the society. Civic Responsibility could include various responsibilities like participating in government, volunteering or becoming a member of voluntary associations.

In general, Civic Responsibility means to act in a principled and honourable way. To have a sense of being an active citizen, to be knowledgeable about public affairs, to vote in elections and to be involved in your community.

Apart from helping the society, Civic Responsibilities help discover an individual’s strength and potential and getting past inhibitions and social awkwardness. Civic Responsibility are an integral part in the development of a country and its people. It helps an individual gain focus towards a cause and fight for it.

At J.N.N we take pride in training our students to be a better responsible citizen and a mentally stronger individual. It is our goal to help students overcome their fear and get past their nervousness to become a more responsible and find their inner strength to fight for a cause. Activities that engage a students thinking about Civic Responsibilities enable them to:

  • Develop critical thinking skills.
  • Explore and identify your personal ethics and values.
  • Understand concepts related to moral development.
  • Explore concepts relevant to your work life after you graduate.
  • Understand important policies relevant to your success at J.N.N.

See and understand issues from different perspectives.

They say India’s future is in the hands of the Youth, and at J.N.N by guiding our students into becoming a more Responsible citizen, we want to help them make India’s future bright.