Centre for Mobile Applications

COE Mobile Apps

The Mobile Applications Centre is a centre for inter-disciplinary mobile applications at J.N.N Institute of Engineering. The Centre aims to bring together talent, expertise and engagement from across the College to work with partners in academia and industry in developing innovative and pioneering mobile applications.

A particular focus of research is ┬áthe intersection of mobile applications and the Internet, in particular the exciting new possibilities opened up by on-demand computing infrastructure or “Cloud Computing”.

The “mobile revolution” promises to change our lives as profoundly as the Internet. Indeed, this is already apparent in many areas of daily life. Twenty years ago, few would have predicted that the Internet would affect the way we live our lives as fundamentally as it has. And yet the Internet now plays a major role in almost everything we do, from science and the economy down to our everyday existence. Today, we carry the Internet with us wherever we go – in cars, trains, planes, into our work spaces and our houses. And thanks to the availability of cheap mobile processing, science can now explore aspects of the physical world that were thought to be out of reach even a decade ago.

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