Centre for Internet of Things


Internet of Things, popularly recognized as IoT, is an emerging disruptive technology of the 21st century. Quite simply because “smart objects” can now freely “talk” to each other and generate enormous volumes of data, spread across disparate communication networks. Interconnectivity, coupled with what sensors can now capture, has now reached a very high level of maturity. Given the volume, velocity and variety of this data and out of seeming randomness, the Analytics engine can be powered to cull out critical information about consumer behavioural patterns, from just about any industry vertical.

It’s a mammoth opportunity for the world, as much as it is for India. In five years, the global opportunity is likely to touch 300 billion USD and in comparison, India too would boast of a 15 billion USD market in IoT. It needs fostering with utmost care.

Towards this, The J.N.N – IoT Centre of Excellence is expected to promote an IoT ecosystem, which is vibrant & at the same time innovative, which will help our country attain a leadership role in this field.