Shri. S. Jayachandran B.Sc., B.L

Shri. S. Jayachandran B.Sc., B.L

Education is an exploration into the unknown avenues of intellectual, cultural, artistic and even spiritual talents of the students. All we endeavor to do in J.N.N Institute of Engineering is to challenge all odds in the world We prepare our students to be good humans; inculcate values: in tune to our finer senses,to empower mind and soul in achieving its full potential and to broaden the horizon. You will really enjoy the opportunity to achieve your goal while developing a desire for lifelong learning here.

We are committed in opening up high quality tertiary education to students and to provide opportunity to acquire, understand and apply disciplinary and inter-disciplinary knowledge as well as related skills and attitudes, to think rationally and to enhance their personal development. Situated in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, our college bridges the education and values in its relationship with business, government, research organizations and universities. I would like to reaffirm my sincere personal commitment to help each of you to succeed in your academic endeavours.


Dr. G. Gunasekaran, B.Sc., B.E., M.E., Ph.D.,

At J.N.N Institute of Engineering my vision is to develop technology orientation and analytical capabilities of every student. We believe faculty is the backbone of the institution. Therefore, they are encouraged to attend Conferences, workshops, seminars etc.  for acquire latest technology in the concerned field


J.N.N Institute of Engineering is committed to provide students with a quality, Industry exposure engineering education and prepare the students for careers in industry, teaching and other Research and Development organizations. We also plan to develop entrepreneurial skills for our students through entrepreneur cell. so that they would be able to generate employment opportunities for other qualified and skilled people.


We are committed to nurturing the minds of young people and preparing them for challenges in today’s highly innovative world of technology. The extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities like workshop, conferences, effective communication through speaking and writing and intercollegiate competitions in cultural, technical and sports are regularly conducted to develop leadership qualities among the students. It helps our students in developing effective problem solving skills and managing the work in team with self-disciplined manner.