Shri. S. Jayachandran B.Sc., B.L

Education is an exploration into the unknown avenues of intellectual, cultural, artistic and even spiritual talents of the students. All we endeavor to do in J.N.N Institute of Engineering is to challenge all odds in the world We prepare our students to be good humans; inculcate values: in tune to our finer senses,to empower mind and soul in achieving its full potential and to broaden the horizon. You will really enjoy the opportunity to achieve your goal while developing a desire for lifelong learning here.

We are committed in opening up high quality tertiary education to students and to provide opportunity to acquire, understand and apply disciplinary and inter-disciplinary knowledge as well as related skills and attitudes, to think rationally and to enhance their personal development. Situated in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, our college bridges the education and values in its relationship with business, government, research organizations and universities. I would like to reaffirm my sincere personal commitment to help each of you to succeed in your academic endeavours.

I would like to reaffirm our sincere personal commitment to help each of you to succeed in your academic endeavours. I heartily welcome our students and wish them the very best for a successful and glorious future.

Shri. S. Jayachandran B.Sc., B.L
Founder & Chairman, J.N.N Group of Institutions
Chairman, Pachaiyappa’s Trust Board

Mr. Naveen Jayachandran

A warm welcome from J.N.N Institute of Engineering.

Our motto, “Learning Today. Leading Tomorrow”, permeates every aspect and activity at J.N.N. Over the past 10 years, J.N.N Institute of Engineering has successfully imbibed several of the proven best practices from the best of engineering institutions around the world, adapted them to make them better suited to the ground realities and introduced many of its own innovations in engineering education. Together, these have ensured that an educational experience at J.N.N Institute of Engineering is truly transformational for thousands of aspiring young engineers.

J.N.N Institute of Engineering has been very proactive in recognizing the global and national trends in shifts in the technical landscape and has been pioneering several innovations in technical education. J.N.N is also embracing the latest technologies, teaching methodologies, well equipped facilities and understands the aspirations of the student community.

I invite you to experience J.N.N first hand by engaging with us as a learner in one of our UG programs or an M.B.A degree if you seek to learn. We are more than happy to have you in our campus.

Mr. Naveen Jayachandran
Vice-Chairman, J.N.N Group of Institutions

Naveen Jayachandran is the Vice Chairman of J.N.N Institutions, where he spearheads its growth strategy and new initiatives. He received a B.E in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai and an M.E in Engineering Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, U.S.

Before the started serving as the Vice-Chairman of J.N.N Institutions, he was Sr. Process Engineer with IBM at RTP, North Carolina, U.S. He spent close to 2 years in this position and contributed immensely to the team and the project at IBM.

Naveen is very passionate about high quality education and its ability to transform lives, having learned it firsthand. He credits all of the exposure and opportunities he has got to his educational experiences and has made it his mission to enable other students to have impactful and transformational learning experiences.